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Poem - Moment of Doubt

Moment of Doubt

Did you ever experience

A moment of doubt

Unsure of your feelings

Not quite knowing

What label to put on

Your thoughts and emotions

Is it love

Really love

Or proximity

Perhaps what you are feeling

Isn’t love

But gratitude or relief

At having someone who is there

Maybe the love

Is more likely affection

The need for being part of something

A match made of convenience

Not passion

Or could it be the weight of expectation

Your own, your lover’s

The world at large

This must be it

The thing everyone talks about

The thing all my friends have

The thing from all the movies and the songs

In the end what’s the difference

If the outcome is the same

In the fullness of time

When the mortgage is paid off

And the grandchildren come to stay

Will it be worth remembering

The moment of doubt.

Toni Bonner